Valeria Tafoya


Valeria Tafoya focuses on the implementation of emerging technologies for the DIA Program. She oversees trends and content for the curriculum of the DIA virtual classroom, as well as the equipment and methodologies of the Innovation Labs across Latin America and the Caribbean. She also supports the data-driven decision-making and AI-based systems used within the program. 

Passionate about technology´s applications for good, Valeria contributed to the first AI Observatory for Social Good in Latin America and the report "AI for social good in Latin America and the Caribbean: a snapshot and regional view of 12 countries", two projects carried out in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank through its initiative fAIr LAC. She co-designed and participated in the execution of a project regarding the Future of Work focused on youth and contributed to the creation of the National AI Agenda for Mexico.

Valeria holds a Bachelor's degree in Business and Systems Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana, in México, and is currently working as a Machine Learning Trainee in the south of Brazil. She is a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Community, from where she works on deploying initiatives that use new technologies to advance sustainable development goals. She is fluent in English and Spanish, currently improving her Portuguese.

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