María Fernanda Sierra

Senior Program Manager - POETA

As a Senior Manager of the POETA Program, María Fernanda currently provides strategic follow-up to different projects that develop economic opportunities for vulnerable people in the region. This portfolio includes technology appropriation projects, upskilling and reskilling, entrepreneurial skills development, and economic empowerment in Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Chile, and the Dominican Republic. 

María Fernanda was previously in charge of managing and leading one of our biggest projects: VIVE - an initiative that seeks to increase economic empowerment opportunities for Mexican women, through training in retail sales and customer service skills.

At The Trust, she also led the creation of a social innovation laboratory in Kingston, Jamaica in partnership with NCB Foundation. She has also collaborated in several projects that promote entrepreneurship for women and vulnerable people in Colombia and Puerto Rico, in partnership with MasterCard and AES.

Prior to this position, she worked as a specialized professional for the planning bureau at the Colombian Presidential Agency of International Cooperation (APC) and as a consultant in "Compartamos con Colombia" and "Oportunidad Estratégica", where she advised projects for organizations such as the High Commissioner for Peace Office, the Colombian Institute for Childhood Wellbeing (ICBF), UNICEF, International Organization for Migrations (IOM), the High Commissioner for Citizen Security and the National Ministry of Education. 

Maria Fernanda holds a Master’s Degree in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex and Chevening Scholar. She is also a Specialist in State, Public Policy, Development, and Industrial Engineering from Los Andes University in Colombia, her native country. She’s fluent in English, Spanish, and French. 

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