The “Tech 4 TT” Hackathon Sparked Young Innovators to Showcase Tech-Based Solutions in Trinidad and Tobago

Participants at the “Tech 4 TT” Hackathon

Port of Spain. March 25th, 2024.  In an exciting virtual event, the "Tech 4 TT: Building a Sustainable and Inclusive Future" Hackathon brought together young innovators from Trinidad and Tobago in an event organized by The Trust for the Americas' local partner, the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI), and focused on challenging participants from the DIA Youth Innovation Lab in Trinidad and Tobago (DIA Lab TT) to develop innovative tech-based solutions. 

In 48 hours, 14 teams, comprising developers, subject matter experts, and idea generators, delved into the challenge of crafting ICT solutions across five themes: Community Challenges, the Future of Work, Gender Equality, Sustainable Innovation, and Youth Empowerment. Each team aspired to secure USD 1,000 in seed funding, so they presented their projects with passion, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to multidisciplinary judges, including Kern Elliot, Team Lead of Software Development at iGovTT; Joel Joseph, with two decades of expertise in social and market research; and Golda Lushington, with fourteen years of experience in Information and Communication Technology and Innovation. 

The winners presented solutions poised to uplift communities through tech-based solutions: 

  • Secure Harvest introduced an innovative auction house platform that connects farmers and facilitates collaboration to secure fair prices on vital agrarian inputs. Beyond fostering cooperation, this project extends its reach by offering a job board for short-term workers, facilitating direct connections between farmers and grocery stores, and serving as an information hub on pest control, policies, and grants relevant to agriculture.  

  • TranquilTrini unveiled a comprehensive health and wellness app for remote workers in Trinidad and Tobago. This platform combines tailored workout routines, guided meditation sessions, and meticulous planning tools to nurture physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Moreover, TranquilTrini fosters a sense of community among remote workers, providing a vital platform for connection and support.  

  • FieldSafe acknowledged the vulnerability of small farms in Trinidad and Tobago to flooding, so it aims to empower farmers in the Orange Grove region with predictive flood risk assessment tools. The project harnesses satellite imagery and machine learning algorithms to provide actionable insights, fortifying agricultural holdings against the ravages of flooding and enhancing food security and community resilience. 

These winning projects exemplify the spirit of innovation and collaboration fostered by the “Tech 4 TT: Building a Sustainable and Inclusive Future” Hackathon 2024. Participants have demonstrated their commitment to addressing local challenges and driving positive change by harnessing emerging technologies and creative solutions. 

Rodrigo Iriani, DIA Senior Program Manager at The Trust for the Americas, remarked, "These initiatives celebrate the remarkable achievements of our young innovators and underscore the imperative of empowering, connecting, and inspiring the next generation of multi-sector innovators and entrepreneurs." 

He continued, "This local iteration of the DIA Hackathon endeavors to cultivate livelihood opportunities across the Caribbean by nurturing innovation. By providing a platform for young Caribbean innovators to showcase their talents and exchange ideas, the 'Tech 4 TT' Hackathon is instrumental in forging a brighter future for the region and beyond." 



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